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7 Plus Tutor is a tutoring service dedicated to helping children achieve places at private schools for their 7 plus assessment. The goal is to ensure that every child sitting the 7 plus is properly prepared and has the best possible chance of getting a 7 plus place. Often as little as five to ten percent of children only get places during the 7 plus so it is highly competitive.

With 7 Plus Tutor, you can be rest assured your child will be thoroughly prepared and will stand the best possible chance of securing a place at their chosen school during the 7 plus assessment.

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7 Plus Story Writing 7 Plus Comprehension 7 Plus Dictation 7 Plus Spelling 7 Plus Mathematics 7 Plus Verbal Reasoning 7 Plus Non Verbal Reasoning 7 Plus Interview Preparation
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Knowledgeable Tutor
Work with a tutor who has tutored for the 7 plus and understands it works. Your child will be guided through the whole 7 plus process, in terms of preparation and which schools to apply for as well. We will cover all core areas of the 7 plus assessment.
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Proven Experience
Proven experience having successfully gained places at top academic schools. Your child will be working with someone who knows the process and who has managed to achieve top places at 7 plus schools before.
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Always Available
Available for help outside lessons to ensure your child is fully supported always. If you have any concerns, or your child has questions, you can reach out at anytime and it will be a pleasure to assist. The 7 plus is all about working together unitedly.
Popular School Choices for 7 Plus
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Popular 7 Plus schools include the following:

Aldenham Prep School

Brighton College

City Junior School

City of London School For Girls

Dulwich Prep London

Eaton Square Belgravia

Godolphin School

Haberdashers’ Boy’s School

Haberdashers’ Girl’s School

Hampton School

Highgate School

James Allen’s Preparatory School

Kingston Grammar School

Latymer Prep School

Merchant Taylor’s School

North Bridge House Prep

North London Collegiate School

Northwood College

Putney High School

South Hampstead High School

St Albans High School for Girls

St Paul’s Juniors

The Perse Prep

The Royal Masonic School For Girls

University College School (UCS)

Westminster Under School

Westminster Cathedral Choir School

Wetherby Preparatory School

Wimbledon High School

7 plus success starts from proper revision and preparation
The 7 plus is not an easy process and it requires dedication, hard working and a positive approach. I believe all children can be successful as long as they put the time and effort in.
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