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Why should you bother with the 7 Plus process in the first place?

Is the 7 Plus process worth the effort?

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X

Some things in life deserve hard work and preparation. Education, specifically the education of your child, should be one of your top priorities. For some, that begins with the 7 Plus process. After all, to borrow from Malcolm X above, it is the passport to your child’ future.

Getting a top-class education is so important. It begins with giving careful consideration to the schools your child applies for. The 7 Plus admission exam is for independent fee-paying schools and it is taken during Year 2, for enrolment in September of Year 3.

Some schools have 10 applicants for every available space, that’s why the 7 Plus process exists in the first place. You want to make sure your child has every possible chance of securing a spot – that’s where 7 Plus tutoring enters the frame. A tutor will give your child the edge needed to separate themselves from the pack and develop a deep understanding of the key tested areas in the 7 Plus process:

Is the 7 Plus process worth the effort? Imagine your child’s face if they got accepted into the school they really wanted to go to. Tutoring can help your child take their first steps towards making this a reality.

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But what makes a top rated 7 Plus Tutor?

Google “7 Plus tutor” and no doubt you’ll be bombarded with potential candidates. But what separates the wheat from the chaff, and makes a 7 Plus tutor top rated?

Expertise in the 7 Plus Curriculum

This should come as no surprise, but a top rated 7 Plus tutor needs to know the syllabus inside and out. Plenty of people know a topic well enough to understand it themselves, but true mastery of a topic is displayed when you can teach it at a level that even a child can understand. A top-rated tutor breaks down each of the 7 Plus topics and teaches the concepts, not just exam technique.

Effective Communication

Teaching an adult is one thing, but teaching a child is another. Complex concepts must be broken down into easy-to-digest chunks when it comes to teaching children. A top-rated 7 Plus tutor takes complicated topics and communicates them in an easy-to-learn manner.

Motivational Skills

If a tutor can motivate their pupils to work hard, that is half the battle. A child who is motivated to learn will fall into a positive feedback loop. Motivation leads to deeper learning, which breeds confidence, and, in turn, greater chances of success in the 7 Plus exam.

There are many building blocks which pave the way to your child’s pathway to success. A top rated 7 Plus tutor can be just what your child needs to jumpstart this next step in their education.

What does a top rated 7 Plus tutor give a child?

“The person who loves walking will walk further than the person who loves the destination.”

If a child falls in love with the learning process, there is no telling how far they can go in life. When a child falls in love with learning, they fall into a positive feedback loop of sorts. Learning becomes the goal, rather than simply a means to an end to pass the 7 Plus process.

A top-rated 7 Plus tutor should help spark that flame of passion for education in a child.

Most tutors will focus on pattern-recognition and exam technique, in order to simply perform well on the day and pass the 7 Plus exam. But there is more to tutoring than that. A top rated 7 Plus tutor will recognise the merits in deep learning and understanding of each of the 7 Plus topics.

A top rated 7 Plus tutor won’t just ‘give the child the fish’, but rather, they will ‘teach the child how to fish’. That way, no matter what question is thrown at them on the day, the child should be equipped to adapt and perform.

Deep learning, coupled with an approach tailored to the child’s individual learning style, is a recipe for 7 Plus success.

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