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Beginning your search: A Parent’s Guide to Success

As a parent you want the very best for your child. Searching for the best 7 Plus tutor for your child is no different.

However, it’s easy to be led astray, so you’ll want make sure you’re searching in the right place.

Let me provide you with some things to consider before hiring your tutor:

Where do you live? I am situated in the Greater London in HA8 postcode. If this is close to you, or close to the schools your child is considering, then think about contacting me.

Your child’s tutor needs to have a tailored approach. There are things that can be learned in a classroom better than others. It’s difficult to teach a child to play football without a team of others to play with. The 7 Plus process is different. As a tutor, I can get alongside your child and work through each area of the 7 Plus exam, focusing on any topics where they need particular help.

The goal of any tutor should not be to help your child pass a test. It needs to be more than that. A tutor should equip their pupils in such a deep way that they are able to become subject matter experts in all the key 7 Plus areas of learning. Anyone can be programmed to pass a test on any given day, but a special tutor has the goal of shaping a child’s learning and mindset to cope with anything that comes their way.

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Online learning: Why not broaden your 7 Plus Tutor Search Options?

For fear of inducing heart palpitations, I’ll not go into too much detail about the year, but 2020 definitely provided one positive; online learning.

While not for everyone, lots of children feel more confident behind the camera than at the school desk. Now, more than ever, children prefer tuning in to watch something online, than sit in a classroom. And this can translate to how well they learn.

That is why I offer online classes, as well as in person. Let’s look at the upsides of online learning:

  • Less travel

Let’s face it, no one likes sitting in traffic. Attending online tutoring means less time spent in your car and more time on the task at hand; learning.

  • More flexible

With online tutoring, you choose the time that suits your schedule. Have a time free in the evening? How about on weekends? I offer tutoring 7 days a week, year-round.

  • Environmentally friendly

Now, more than ever, children are more aware of our collective impact on the environment. Tutoring online reduces the carbon footprint from travelling to and from an in-person session every week.

Online tutoring for the 7 Plus process is something to consider if any of these factors pique your interest.

Traditional in-person 7 Plus tutoring doesn’t suit everyone. Why not give online tutoring some thought?

Questions to ask a potential 7 Plus tutor

You might not see yourself as much of an interrogator, but you’ll want to get to the bottom of a few things before you hire your 7 Plus tutor.

Okay, maybe the idea of an interrogation is a bit harsh; let’s call it an interview.

But what are some of the questions that you should ask your potential 7 Plus tutor?

“Can I trust you with my child’s care?”

This will be your first priority when hiring a tutor. I am DBS checked to put any parent’s mind at ease when leaving them in my care.

“What topics do you cover?”

It’s important you choose a tutor who covers the whole range of 7 Plus topics:

If they don’t cover them all, maybe they’re not the tutor for you. My program covers all of the above to equip your child for the 7 Plus as best as possible.

“When can you fit me in your schedule?”

Availability is key. I recommend at least one tutoring session per week. I work year-round and have classes 7 days a week, so get in contact if you have a time in mind.

“Can you guarantee success?”

Any tutor that claims guaranteed success in the 7 Plus is stretching the truth ever so slightly. Tutoring is not an easy ticket to an exam pass, but in many cases, it can be the gentle push that your child needs in their learning career.

Nobody likes an interview, but sometimes we need reassurance. Use these questions when speaking to your child’s potential tutor for the first time.

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