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7 + plus spelling task explained

The ability to spell correctly is a very important skill throughout one's life. When someone struggles with spelling, it is not only their schoolwork that will suffer as a result, but it can also negatively impact their careers, later in life.

There is just one acceptable order, or grouping of letters when it comes to correct spelling - leaving no space for creativity. Correct spelling must be a constant focus while teaching young children because poor spelling can quickly develop into another ‘bad habit’ for a child if he or she does not constantly practice and learn about the correct way of spelling. Therefore, during the 7 Plus exams, which are taken in Year 2 for admission into Year 3, spelling is one of the most important elements that will be assessed.

Your child should be writing several regularly used (or common) words accurately by the age of six or seven. They should also be able to accurately spell a list of words that are personally significant to them, such as their own or family member's names, possibly their address, and the names of their favourite pets or toys.

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Methods for helping with the 7 + plus spelling

There are various methods that you as a parent can employ to help your child increase their vocabulary and learn how to spell words correctly, but when it comes to preparing for the spelling portion of the 7 Plus exam, it may be wise to opt for a professional tutor, as this can be a challenging subject.

Spelling is an essential part of communication, but it is also directly tied to reading comprehension and promotes overall literacy, which is why spelling forms part of the 7 Plus exams. A solid understanding of fundamental spelling rules is necessary for the 7 Plus exams. In other words, in order to perform well on the writing portion of their assessment, students in Year 2 must be able to possess a solid understanding of fundamental spelling rules.

Requirements for the 7 + plus spelling task

The spelling requirements for the 7 Plus exam, can be broken down into smaller components, to make them easier for a young student to comprehend. While some schools may only teach spelling during phonics lessons, others might send home Year 2 spelling words for students to learn. However, when it comes to the 7 Plus spelling section, your child may need some additional support to pass the exam.

It takes time to become proficient in English's intricate spelling system since learning to spell is a progressive process. One has to keep in mind that children differ in their academic abilities - some take longer to pick up spelling than others. I have a plethora of spelling exercises to support and help children at various levels, and with the right instruction, they will be able to take the 7 Plus exam with confidence.

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