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Preparing for the 7 + plus examination

When it comes to preparing for the 7 plus examination, children need to prepare a variety of different subjects. These include Story Writing, Comprehension, Dictation, Spellings, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Every school is different and some schools may assess all areas and equally some schools may only test certain areas. It is always advised to do your research on the schools you are applying for and then prepare accordingly. All schools generally have past papers available so you can see exactly what they test each academic year. If still unsure, I always recommend calling the school registrar and asking them for full clarity.

You can see all the areas listed below –

7 Plus Story Writing 7 Plus Comprehension 7 Plus Dictation 7 Plus Spelling 7 Plus Mathematics 7 Plus Verbal Reasoning 7 Plus Non Verbal Reasoning 7 Plus Interview Preparation

What materials do I need for each subject?

There are so many different books you can use to help study for the 7 plus assessment. You have the standards Bond 11+ books, CGP books, Schofield & Sims books and many more. There is no right or wrong. Every book is good in its own merit and it is about finding the right books for your child. This is where I come in at 7 Plus Tutor. I will work with children and their parents to guide you on what I believe are the best books to help your child with their 7 plus journey. I also recommend doing several mock exams too as most schools will list their past 7 plus papers on their websites too.