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7 + plus mathematics explained

As most parents already know, and as we have previously explained, English and mathematics make up the largest part of the academic focus of the 7 Plus process. Some elite schools in and around London are, however, including a reasoning test, which sometimes combines verbal and non-verbal components. The exam may also contain verbal components such as memory, dictation, mental arithmetic, and spelling. It can be taken either on a computer or in writing - depending on the school - and the passing grade may also change depending on your child's age at the school.

Just like you, many parents all over the country have a math-challenged child. This reality can be very overwhelming for both the parents and the child, especially without the right tools or a strong support network. When the time comes for your child to sit in the 7 Plus exam, he or she should be fully prepared, and ready to take the test with confidence.

Because mathematics is a cumulative subject that grows and becomes harder with each passing school year, it can be very challenging to comprehend at a young age. This is why so many parents become concerned when their child seems to become disconnected from their work.

Students who struggle with arithmetic often lament that the subject is too hard and that they do not understand the material. Unfortunately, this belief can negatively affect any young child’s ability to succeed in mathematics. However, by simplifying its complex elements, mathematics can actually be made exciting and enjoyable for your child.

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Fundamentals of 7 + plus mathematics exam

It is highly important for a child to learn, but also understand the fundamentals of mathematics, yet this is often not adequately addressed in the school classroom. Some Year 2 students, for instance, are merely instructed on basic mathematics concepts at school that correlate with their current grade level, and the material is not based on the current mathematical knowledge that is brought to the table by the 7 Plus maths exam, which means that students might not be able to answer the questions correctly during this important exam.

Although exams are taken before the end of the academic year, the main requirement for 7 Plus Maths is that the student should be conversant with the entirety of the KS1 mathematics curriculum (and occasionally beyond). Year 2 pupils should have a solid understanding of their timetables, and they should be comfortable with both mental and written techniques of calculating the four number operations.

Furthermore, it is highly beneficial for Year 2 students to be familiar with common mathematical terminology and have expertise in solving word problems. Although the KS1 of the National Curriculum should be consulted in advance, some elite schools may outline the subjects they will be assessing, so they anticipate students to be familiar with it. Here, a private tutor with years of experience can make a significant contribution to your child's achievement on the 7 Plus exam.

Preparing for the 7 + plus mathematics exam

The best approach to prepare for the 7 Plus mathematics exam is through modest amounts of practice (often and consistently), just like a student will prepare for any primary-level exam. Utilising former exam papers for timed practice is also essential to ensuring that your child can continue to produce work of a higher level, under the exam's time constraints. This will make it possible to track the child’s development over time, as it will show both their weaknesses and strengths.

As a qualified tutor, I can help your child reach their full potential. Through one-on-one tutoring, I can help students better grasp mathematics, by showing them how to find similarities, how to recognise patterns and complete series, find the odd one out, recognise codes and complete series, as well as complete basic matrices.

Through my experience and expertise, I concentrate on the various types of questions students might encounter, as well as the verbal and non-verbal Reasoning that is often present in some 7 Plus Maths exams. After completing a few sessions, your child will be able to master the required verbal and non-verbal Reasoning, which is a new skill for many 7 Plus candidates.

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