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What is the 7 Plus process?

If you’re a little confused about what the 7 Plus process is, you’re not alone.

I want to do my part to clear up the confusion and answer some helpful questions that might be weighing on your mind:

What on Earth is the 7 Plus?

The 7 Plus is an admission exam for independent, fee-paying schools. It is taken during Year 2, for enrolment in September of Year 3.

Why does the 7 Plus exist?

Some schools are constantly oversubscribed, so there has to be some way of narrowing down potential applicants. But don’t worry, the exam covers topics which are typically taught in schools anyway.

Is there much competition for the 7 Plus?

Some schools are difficult to get into. In some cases, there are up to 10 applications for every available space! This is why the 7 Plus has been introduced as a way for schools to narrow down the numbers that apply.

Should I tutor my child for the 7 Plus?

Tutoring helps with deeper understanding of 7 Plus topics, tailored learning, confidence building, exam technique and much more. Tutoring is an investment in your child’s future.

I’m sure this only scratches the surface of the questions you might have as a parent facing the 7 Plus process. Let me put your mind at ease, get in contact with me and we can discuss tutoring. You can never be too prepared in life, and it’s the same when it comes to the 7 Plus.

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Why is a private 7 Plus tutor important?

I offer private 7 Plus tutoring, both online and in individual one-on-one, in-person, classes. My sessions are usually two hours per week in order to cover the topics in enough depth.

Private tutoring can offer great flexibility. I offer sessions up to seven days a week, year-round, so even with a busy schedule, you should be able to find a time that suits you and your family.

Classroom teaching is great, but sometimes it lends itself too much to distraction. With specialised 7 Plus tutoring, your child can forget about the distractions and focus solely on what moves the needle in their 7 Plus adventure.

‘Deep work’ is a concept that places great importance on short bursts of laser-focused work. I believe that one quality tutoring session can far outweigh the benefit of a whole week of distracted school work, especially when it comes to the 7 Plus.

Rarely does anything worth achieving come easily. The 7 Plus is worth passing if it means your child gets into their number one school choice. Private 7 Plus tutoring can help unlock your child’s potential by leading them in deep work, building their confidence, teaching exam technique, and sparking a passion for learning.

The Benefits of Private Tutoring for the 7 Plus Process

We love a benefit in life. It’s even better when you get more than you bargained for, like when you bag a bonus chicken nugget when you check your takeaway order at home. We all know the general benefits of tutoring; deeper subject knowledge, access to revision materials, etc.

But what are some of the lesser-thought-of benefits?

Exam Technique:

Exams are a combination of understanding the subject at hand, and also pattern recognition. By that, I mean learning the types of questions that rear their ugly heads in each and every paper. From here, we can use example answers from past papers to learn exactly what the examiner is looking for with your child’s answer, and give it to them on a plate every time.

Confidence Building:

The importance of confidence in an exam setting cannot be overstated. Confidence comes from believing your knowledge is enough to answer any question that comes your way. Private 7 Plus tutoring helps instil that confidence, which leads to reduced exam anxiety, greater focus, better problem-solving, and, ultimately, better results on the day.

With all of this being said, a private 7 Plus tutor is not simply there to help your child pass a test and get into the school they want. Rather, they should ignite a passion for learning within your child which will compel them to study even more. From there, the results can be undeniable. If you are after a private 7 Plus tutor, consider getting in touch today – I’m only too happy to help.

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