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Find a 7 Plus tutor in London

London, for so many, is the city of dreams. It’s vibrant, diverse, and deeply rich in the experiences it offers.

One thing London and the Greater London Area both offer, is some of the most competitive schools in the country when it comes to the 7 Plus process. Some London schools receive up to 10 applications per available space. Tutoring can help prepare your child to perform to their full potential in the 7 Plus exam, and thus secure their place.

The 7 Plus exam is designed to test for a child’s potential, and thus, their compatibility with their chosen school. A great 7 Plus tutor will be able to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses (I prefer saying ‘areas for improvement’), and draw that potential out of them.

Revision materials, exam technique, the 7 Plus application process; these are some of the things I can help you with if you’re searching for a 7 Plus tutor in London.

It’s important to note that your child’s life is not ruined, should they fail to gain entry to their first choice of school. They are priceless, unique and loved, no matter how they perform on the exam.

However, if you’re in London and searching for a 7 Plus tutor, I believe I have exactly what you need. Get in touch and we can chat further.

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Qualities to look for if you’re searching for a 7 Plus tutor in London.

Choosing a 7 Plus tutor in London can be a pivotal moment in your child’s education journey. After all, the 7 Plus exam is an important milestone for any child who is aiming to enter competitive independent schools, particularly in London. Therefore, selecting the right 7 Plus tutor for your child can be a tough decision. Here are some things you’ll want to bear in mind.

First thing’s first is the tutor's expertise in the 7 Plus curriculum. A tutor must be familiar with every detail in the syllabus, as well as the style of questions asked on the exam. Not only that, but they need to be able to translate complex concepts in a way that your child can understand at a core level. You can’t teach a child the same way you teach an adult.

A 7 Plus tutor should understand the different application/exam formats across various London schools. This way, they can offer tailored guidance, helping students to navigate what can be quite a confusing landscape.

Lastly, a great 7 Plus tutor should also be able to build up your child’s confidence. A confident child will fall in love with the learning process and perform better in the assessment as a result.

If you’re after a 7 Plus tutor in London with the knowledge, experience, and tailored approach that will help unlock your child’s potential, consider getting in touch today.

What can a 7 Plus tutor in London offer your child?

Everybody loves a good deal. Maybe you get more than you bargained for on an eBay purchase. Maybe you buy a new gadget and you discover a feature you never even knew it had.

But maybe you’ve stumbled upon this page and you’re thinking to yourself, “What could a 7 Plus tutor offer my child?” Well, let me break it down for you.

A Tailored Learning Experience

We all think our darling children are special and unique. And they really are! Each child learns in a different way, some are more logical, others are more creative. I can tailor my approach to suit each new pupil that comes on board, helping them play to their strengths.

Exam Strategy

Exams can be daunting. I remember them all too well, queuing up at the exam hall, finding the right desk, making sure my pencils were sharpened. But most importantly, we need to know what the examiners are looking for in our exam answers. I can help your child give them exactly what they’re looking for.


Life is busy, especially as a parent. Finding the time to drive your child to a 7 Plus tutor in London traffic could be a nightmare. Fear not! I offer online 7 Plus tutoring, and I tutor 7 days a week, year-round. If you want a slot that fits your schedule, get in contact and we’ll see what we can come up with.

If you like what you’re seeing, then I’d consider hiring a 7 Plus tutor for your child. You’ll never regret investing in a better future for your family.

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