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Looking for a 7 Plus Tutor in Potters Bar?

Are you looking for a 7 plus tutor in Potters Bar?

If so, get in contact with me right away for an idea of how I can help.

I am a 7 Plus tutor located near Potters Bar. My sessions are engaging, friendly and welcoming; an environment where your child can learn effectively. If online classes suit you better, I also teach online sessions, allowing tutoring to fit around your busy schedule.

Choosing the right tutor can have a big impact. After all, it could be the thing that gives your child the advantage needed to get into the school they want.

The 7 Plus curriculum has a broad range of topics to cover:

These can all be tested on the 7 Plus exam. Don’t worry though, most of these should have already been introduced to your child in class wherever they currently study. While the classroom setting is ok, there is a more effective way to learn. As a tutor, I provide a much more tailored approach, cutomising my sessions to fit around your child’s individual needs.

Sometimes, the 7 Plus process can seem daunting, but let me take some of the stress from you. My teaching breaks down the entry process to make things a lot more manageable. Even complex topics can be taught in a way which makes them fun and understandable.

The best time to start tutoring for the 7 Plus is… right away! I recommend starting at least 12 months of sessions before the exam. If you’re interested and live in Potters Bar make sure you get in contact with me.

If you need help with the 7 Plus, I’m here to assist.

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DBS checked 7 Plus Tutor services in Potters Bar

Even before their child’s education, Potters Bar parents want their children to feel safe when being tutored for the 7 Plus. I believe a child should always feel welcomed and secure throughout the entire process, which is why I have chosen to carry out a DBS check to put everyone’s mind at ease. You can be confident knowing your child is entering a caring, warm environment when they’re under my tutelage.

I care about your child’s wellbeing even more than their education, and I’m sure you do too. A 7 Plus tutor in and around Potters Bar should always do their best to keep parents happy. A DBS check guarantees you of my integrity.

If you want a safe, reliable, DBS checked 7 Plus tutor near Potters Bar, get in contact with me today.

The aim with tutoring is to provide extra help, supplementing what the child learns in school. I help introduce new topics in a simple way, and reinforce what they already know. I recommend at least one of my two-hour sessions per week to really maximise your child’s experience.

Children deserve the best start in life; in their education, career, and life in general. The best opportunity to help them with the 7 Plus is through tutoring. I can help your child grasp this very important opportunity today.

Professional, DBS-checked tutoring is the name of the game. A quality 7 Plus tutor will set your child up for success, long after they pass the exam.

If you want to provide your child with an extra boost in knowledge and confidence, consider partnering with me as your DBS checked 7 Plus Tutor.

7 plus tutor located close to Potters Bar

I am located in the Greater London area, not far from Potters Bar.

If you live in Potters Bar and you’re searching for a 7 Plus tutor in the area – you need to get in contact with me.

I provide ground-up 7 Plus tutoring for your child, and I’m right around the corner from Potters Bar.

When you’re applying to schools in the Greater London area, you’ll want to have a secret weapon – that weapon is a tutor who knows the local schools. They will be able to provide specific, tailored advice when applying to those schools and help you with their individual requirements.

I am the tutor for the job.

I break down the entrance process and make it simple. Couple that with my passion for teaching the 7 Plus curriculum alongside exam technique, and that’s a winning formula.

The 7 Plus exam doesn’t have to be stressful. When your child reinforces what they learn with each session, they will soon realise the 7 Plus is well within their grasp.

The benefits of tutoring are multiple. Your child will grow in confidence, their knowledge will excel, and they will be able to stop worrying about exam day. You’ll see improvements, right from day one.

Make the 7 Plus free from stress by working with a tutor – get in contact with me today.

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