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When is the 7 Plus exam taken?
The 7 Plus admission exam is for independent fee-paying schools and it is taken during Year 2, for enrolment in September of Year 3.
Is it necessary for me to register my interest with the school?
Yes, but keep in mind that each school will follow its own protocol, so be sure to enquire about this beforehand. Every school typically requires a filled-out registration form and a registration fee.
Why are children tested from such a young age?
The school must have some type of criteria because, from their perspective, they are virtually always oversubscribed. Fortunately, the exams cover material that pupils would typically learn in class, and schools are mostly understanding of their age.
How competitive is the 7 Plus exam?
This exam is extremely competitive for several reasons and is comparable to the 11 Plus entrance exam. For instance, competition for positions can be extremely severe in cities like London, where schools sometimes receive up to 10 candidates per place (or even more).
Which subjects are covered by the 7 Plus exam?
In some form or another, Mathematics and all components of English (including spelling, comprehension, and dictation) are tested in every school. The National Curriculum levels for their age are often the highest levels of testing that the school will allow, but that does not make the test any less challenging. Also, some schools may include verbal- and non-verbal reasoning.
Does the 7 Plus exam favour students attending prep schools or public primary schools?
The short answer is no, there is not really a preference stated. The purpose of the admission exam is to identify potential; thus, each child is assessed separately but typically in light of their exam results.
Why should I consider private tutoring for my child?
The goal of private tutoring is to provide the student with a competitive edge so that they may confidently take the 7 Plus exam. Furthermore, it will help your child perform better on the 7 Plus exam and help them prepare better for the interview because a private tutor will provide them with the proper guidance and teaching through engaging personalised one-on-one lessons.
What does private tutoring focus on?
Private tutoring focuses on the five basic skills that a school will typically look at, namely mathematics, English writing, reading, and conversing, as well as verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
How long is each session?
In order to properly cover all the material, classes are usually two hours long. With 7 Plus Tutor, classes are offered throughout the year, seven days a week, and are presented online or in individualised, one-on-one sessions.
Is it safe to leave my child in your care?
With 7 Plus Tutor, every student will be allowed to learn more about, comprehend, and hone the techniques that are necessary to participate in the 7 Plus exam with confidence. I offer a safe, DBS-checked learning environment for young students, and there is plenty of parking available outside, where parents can wait for their kids.
When should I enrol my child for private tutoring?
I recommend starting preparation for the 7 Plus exam at least 12 months before the exams take place. Normally I have a waiting list, so my suggestion is to contact me as soon as possible for availability and to book available slots for private tutoring.
How many sessions are recommended for my child?
I would recommend at least one session per week. Keep in mind that all books and/or learning materials must be bought by students and I will provide further guidance on this during our initial contact.
What happens if my child is not admitted entry into his/her first-choice school?
First, emphasise to your child that they are valuable individuals, regardless of the grades they have obtained. The exams are quite difficult, but make sure they understand that this ‘failure-event’ does not in any way define them as a ‘failed’ individual. If your child is not accepted, you should not let it serve as justification for evaluating your parenting or the child's direction poorly. There are many options for your young child's progress, and as an accomplished tutor, I can assist in placing your child on a successful path.