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7 + plus verbal reasoning explained

Verbal language development in children starts at a very young age - before reading and writing. The child essentially conveys his thoughts and behaviour through the expression of words. It also plays a crucial role in cognitive development and social interactions, as well as academic success. In fact, one of the reasons why verbal reasoning is assessed in the 7 Plus exam in Year 2, is because it can help children identify problems, and come up with creative and analytical solutions.

Although some schools offer syllabi and guidelines, it can be challenging for parents to understand precisely which topics they need to address, and how to do it properly. As an experienced tutor, I offer a step-by-step strategy that will equip your child with the knowledge and assurance needed to handle every area of the curriculum and the different types of exam questions they may encounter, by breaking down the Verbal Reasoning assessment into smaller parts.

By adopting a methodical approach, your child will be provided with a defined structure and framework that covers every aspect of the subject. As a parent, you can rest assured knowing that this will make your child's preparation for the 7 Plus exam much easier and less stressful.

Through private tutoring (whether online or in one-on-one sessions) I connect with students in a pleasant and friendly manner, but I also provide a lot of guidance and ideas for parents throughout the 7 Plus journey. It is important to note that some schools may compile reasoning questions from both verbal and nonverbal sources into a single Reasoning exam, while others might opt to include verbal and nonverbal reasoning components in their math and English papers, rather than having a separate reasoning paper at all.

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Questions for the 7 + plus verbal reasoning exam

For instance, codes and numerical sequence, alongside some verbal reasoning questions, could be some of the verbal reasoning problems presented in a math exam. Additionally, verbal reasoning questions can be incorporated into an English paper to assess a student's grammar, spelling, vocabulary, logical thinking, and comprehension skills. Separate assessments for reasoning, however, are by far the most typical format.

In reality, your child will encounter many different questions in the 7 Plus verbal-reasoning exam to test or assess a variety of skills. Depending on the school, the duration of the 7 Plus exam, as well as the grading process, will differ. My instruction covers the best strategies for taking the verbal reasoning test, and it will present your child with the essential abilities to solve problems with confidence because they will learn how to absorb information and apply logical thinking.

As with many things in life, verbal reasoning may come naturally to one child, but for others, it may take longer to acquire this important skill. It is also important to keep in mind that students taking the 7 Plus verbal reasoning exam are not required to correctly answer each and every question. However, by working one-on-one with your child, I can closely evaluate their development, identify problem areas, and help them improve their verbal reasoning abilities.

Importance of preparation for 7 + verbal reasoning exam

It is very important to also stress the significance of reading, for success on the 7 Plus verbal-reasoning exam. Along with private tuition, your child can further develop their vocabulary and sharpen their skills by participating in games and solving word puzzles at home, such as Scrabble or crosswords.

Time constraint is likely the most challenging aspect of the 7 Plus verbal reasoning exam for most students, therefore, it is essential that your child feels comfortable when having to answer the questions or solve the problems during the assessment. With proper preparation, your child will be well equipped, and able to take sit in the exam with confidence, and that is exactly what I aim to achieve through private tutoring.

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