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Looking for a 7 Plus Tutor in Shenley?

Are you looking for a 7 plus tutor in Shenley?

If so, please continue reading.

I provide 7 Plus tutoring near Shenley. My sessions offer a warm, engaging, welcoming environment, where I want to make the learning process fun. If you or your child have busy schedules with work or extracurricular activities, I offer online sessions too. There should always be a time that suits you both.

Choosing the right tutor is a big decision. They could make or break your child’s chances of getting into the school they want.

Let’s glance at the 7 Plus curriculum for a second:

There’s quite a broad list of topics to be covered, but none will come as a surprise to your child. Most of them should be covered at a basic level in your child’s current school, but tutoring can help take their understanding much further. I can pick up where the classroom leaves off, and transform your child’s basic understanding into a fully-fledged one. I provide a much more tailored approach than in a classroom setting, building my sessions around your child’s learning style.

The 7 Plus process can appear worse than it is. Let me reassure you; it is very achievable for your child. My teaching breaks down the curriculum topic-by-topic to make it a lot more manageable.

If you want to help your child get ahead of the curve, I recommend you start your tutoring sessions early. If you’re interested and live in Shenley, check me out today.

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DBS checked 7 Plus Tutor services in Shenley

If you’re a parent living in Shenley, and searching for a 7 Plus tutor, you’ll understand how much of a concern your child’s safety is. I believe children should always feel safe and secure in all situations in life, which is why I have chosen to carry out a DBS check to put everyone’s mind at ease. You can be sure your child will always be looked after any time they’re in my care.

Looking after your child is my top priority. A 7 Plus tutor in Shenley should always do everything in their power to reassure the parents of their pupils. I want my DBS check to prove my credibility and give you peace of mind.

If you want a safe, reliable, DBS checked 7 Plus tutor near the Shenley area, get in contact with me.

The aim with my offering is to provide extra, supplemental support to the learning your child receives in school. I help explain new concepts in a fun and concise way, and reinforce what your child already knows. I recommend at least one session a week, usually two hours long. This will help reiterate anything your child learns.

Children deserve the best start in life. All of that begins with a great education. Tutoring can help make this a reality by setting your child up for success in the 7 Plus, a pivotal part of their school journey.

A professional, conscientious 7 Plus tutor should always be DBS-checked. From there, they can help set your child up for success, far beyond exam day.

If you want to provide your child with the helping hand they need, consider partnering with me as your DBS checked 7 Plus Tutor.

7 plus tutor located close to Shenley

I am located in the Greater London area, not far from Shenley.

If you live in Shenley and you’re on the lookout for a 7 Plus tutor in the area – keep reading this page.

I provide 7 Plus tutoring for your child, building their knowledge from the ground up, and I’m not far from Shenley.

When applying to Greater London schools, it’s helpful to have an expert in your corner. I can provide specific, tailored advice when applying to those schools and help you navigate their application requirements.

I can provide help and advice at all stages of the process - let me break down the application procedure and make take away the worry for you and your child.

The 7 Plus exam doesn’t have to torment you. It is well within your child’s capabilities, they just need some refining of their existing skillset.

The benefits of tutoring are clear. Your child will grow more confident, gain deeper knowledge, and hone their ability to perform in an exam setting. You’ll see the improvements right away.

Working with a 7 Plus tutor really makes a difference in your child’s 7 Plus experience – contact me today and find out how.

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