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The 7 Plus process: Is online learning a copout?

If your child showed up to maths class with an abacus on September 1st, their teacher would assume it was a prank.

Times have changed. Online tutoring is no different.

If there is one good thing that has emerged over the past few years, it’s that there has been a massive upswing in society’s competence with technology. Children, especially, have been early adopters when it comes to online learning, and that is why online tutoring for the 7 Plus process could be perfect for you.

Firstly, think of the fuel you’ll save. Cars aren’t cheap to run, and isn’t everyone trying to reduce their carbon footprint anyway? Online tutoring means zero commute, zero time wasted. Your child just logs on and starts learning.

Need an extra few hours in the day to chip away at your ever-growing to-do list? Online tutoring for the 7 Plus process fits around your schedule. And did I mention that I take classes year-round, 7 days a week? You’re more likely to find a time that suits you with online tutoring than in-person.

Online tutoring even opens the door to different, more engaging learning techniques that can’t be used with in-person tutoring.

Times change, technology advances. Why not take advantage of that and hire an online 7 Plus tutor?

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Why should you use an online tutor for the 7 Plus process?

The 7 Plus process can be hard.

There are a wide variety of subjects that are tested - mathematics, English writing, reading, conversing, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Since every child is unique, there is always a possibility your child will be stronger in certain areas than in others. Often, children that are highly mathematical, might typically not enjoy the English reading elements and vice versa.

An online tutor for the 7 Plus process can help your child sharpen those skills where they need a little helping hand.

The competition can be fierce, with some schools receiving 10 applications for every available place – what a crazy stat! Bearing this in mind, why wouldn’t you want to hire an online 7 Plus tutor and get an advantage while you can?

As an online tutor, I can personalise my approach to your child’s learning needs. No two children are the same – why would their learning approach be any different? Not only that, the online learning environment is free from those pesky distractions found in the classroom.

Hiring an online 7 Plus tutor doesn’t have to be a stressful process – get in touch with me today for your first steps in passing the 7 Plus and securing a spot in your school of choice.

What makes an online 7 Plus tutor great?

A lot of people can be good at something, but very few can be great.

Let’s take a look at what makes a great online 7 Plus tutor:

An online 7 Plus tutor should know the 7 Plus curriculum (mathematics, English writing, reading, conversing, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning) better than he knows himself. Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but you get the gist.

We work better when we’re motivated, and children are no different. And no, I don’t mean like that scene in the Rocky movie… an online tutor will motivate their pupils to fall in love with the learning process. Everything after that becomes easy.

Each child learns slightly differently from other children. Some are more visual learners, some are more logical; there are many different learning styles. A great online 7 Plus tutor can adapt their approach for each new pupil they take on.

Patience is a virtue, not only in life, but in tutoring too. A great online 7 Plus tutor has the patience to get alongside their pupils and teach them on an easy-to-understand level. They patiently walk them through exam techniques, tips & tricks, and deep-learning of new concepts.

Tutoring for the 7 Plus process can be done from the comfort of your own home in an online setting. Get in contact today and we can discuss your next steps together.

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