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Looking for a 7 Plus Tutor in Kenton?

Are you looking for a 7 plus tutor in Kenton?

If so, grab yourself a nice cup of tea and relax - 7PlusTutor.co.uk is just where you need to be.

I am a 7 Plus tutor located near Kenton, and I offer a safe, warm and friendly environment, where your child can be themselves and learn effectively. I teach sessions online and in person, up to 7 days a week, year-round, so you should always find a session that suits you.

Choosing the right tutor could be the catalyst to securing your child’s place in their chosen school.

The 7 Plus curriculum covers quite the spectrum of topics:

There is a lot to cover with all of these, but your child should already be at least familiar with most of them from their current school. With my tutoring, I seek to refine the knowledge they already have, and build them up in areas where they need some extra understanding.

The entry process can be choppy waters to navigate – but leave that to me. I can break down each subject area in a way that any child can understand and show they how to apply what they know to the 7 Plus exam.

The best approach to the 7 Plus is to start the work early. I recommend starting to tutor at least 12 months before the process takes place. If you live in Kenton are interested, get in contact with me today without any delay.

I know you want the best for your child’s education – let me help.

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DBS checked 7 Plus Tutor services in Kenton

Are you looking for a DBS checked tutor near Kenton? As a parent, you’ll want to ensure your child’s safety from day one. That is why I have taken a DBS check; to give you complete peace of mind. Rest assured your child’s safeguarding will be my number one priority in my sessions.

The safety of your child comes top of the list, even ahead of their education. Any tutor close to Kenton needs to put in every effort to put parents’ minds at ease, which is why I have chosen to undergo the DBS check to guarantee my credibility and reliability.

You can relax and know you’re sending your child to a safe and reliable 7 Plus tutor near Kenton.

Tutoring helps reinforce learning, build confidence, and practice exam technique. I recommend at least one session per week to get the most out of your investment.

We want nothing but the best for our children. We all want them to have the best opportunities in life, starting at a young age. Tutoring can help open up these opportunities.

I am always professional and always DBS checked. I provide the quality tutoring any child needs to succeed.

If you’re in search of an exceptional, trustworthy learning experience for your child, choose me as your DBS checked 7 Plus Tutor today.

7 plus tutor located close to Kenton

I am located in the Greater London area, close to Kenton.

If you live in Kenton and you’re on the hunt for a 7 Plus tutor in the area - you’ve landed at the right spot.

I provide 7 Plus tutoring just around the corner from Kenton.

When you’re applying to schools in the Greater London area, you’ll want an ace up your sleeve. A 7 Plus tutor who knows the local schools and knows their entry processes can be that ace.

Let me help.

I’ll walk your child through each of the 7 Plus subject areas, breaking down complex topics into ways they can easily understand.

The 7 Plus exam might seem like a big bad wolf to your child, but I can help put their mind at ease. When they gain knowledge in each of the 7 Plus subject areas week-by-week, they will soon realise the 7 Plus is nothing to be afraid of.

Expect them to gain more confidence, lose the pre-exam nerves and gain a much deeper understanding of exam techniques.

The 7 Plus test doesn’t have to be a worry for you or your child, contact me today.

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