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How to Identify the Best 7 Plus Tutor

When it comes to giving your child a head-start on the 7 Plus exam, finding the right tutor can make all the difference. The application process for some of the schools in the Greater London area can be extremely competitive.

For this reason, you’ll want to find yourself a tutor who not only has expert knowledge on all of the 7 Plus topics, but can also tailor their teaching to your child’s unique learning style.

Here are some things to look out for:

Research and Reputation:

Reputation is everything - use this as your starting point. Aim for a reputable tutor with a track record of success and positive feedback from parents. A tutor with a strong reputation is more likely to get your child the results they’re after.

Areas of teaching:

You want to make sure your tutor teaches all of the topics in the 7 Plus syllabus. I cover each of the subject areas in my classes; mathematics, English writing, reading, conversing, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

Teaching Approach:

The best tutors will look to tailor your child’s learning experience to what suits them best. Each child is unique and special, and the way they earn is no different in that regard. Some children are more visual, some are more logical, some are more interactive. The best 7 Plus tutor works alongside your child and uses a personalised approach to suit them best.

The best 7 Plus tutor is more than just a teacher, or subject-matter-expert. They should be able to inspire, challenge and support your child throughout the whole process, and guide them to their best 7 Plus exam effort.

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Is a tutor necessary for the 7 Plus process?

"Teaching is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire." - William Butler Yeats

W.B. Yeats can certainly right a mean poem, and he’s definitely on the money with that quote.

A tutor’s aim should never be to simply just guide a child through an exam, or help them pass the 7 Plus process by the skin of their teeth. The best 7 Plus tutor should ignite a passion for learning in a child that will seep into all areas of their education, career and life.

On the surface, a tutor is there to further your child’s understanding of the key 7 Plus topics (mathematics, English writing, reading, conversing, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning), but there is so much more to it when we dig a little deeper.

“The consequence of confidence.”

It can’t be overstated how much confidence can affect the performance of your child in any endeavour, including the 7 Plus process. You’ll be amazed how a little further understanding in the 7 Plus topics can snowball into greater success. When a child understands a topic, they engage more in class, they aren’t afraid to ask questions and they choose to attempt any question thrown their way.

Tutoring instills confidence in your child that permeates into every area of their learning career.

7 Plus preparation: The Classroom vs Tutoring – 2 Key Problems

Classrooms are where legends are born. Nothing beats making friends, comparing the latest toy craze, playing sports and creating new memories. But does a classroom always lend itself to being the best environment for learning?

Here are 2 key problems with the classroom and how tutoring can help address them:

There are usually 30 children in a classroom. While this is often great for group activity, collaboration etc., it doesn’t always present the most conducive environment for learning.

With tutoring, your child will get the focused, undivided attention they need to hone in on where they are performing well, and where they maybe need extra attention. Teachers try the best they can with the environment they find themselves in, but it’s hard to tailor each lesson to 30 unique children. Tutoring address that problem.

Okay, it’s maybe a bit unfair to call them distractions. But when your child’s attention is fixated on what game they’re going to play in the playground at lunch time, or what after-school activity they have on today’s schedule, the 7 Plus exam might find itself pushed down their list of priorities. 7 Plus tutoring exists solely to help your child give their undivided attention to the process. Quality time spent on quality learning.

Tutoring might just be where your child takes their learning to the next level. The classroom has its place, but tutoring can help your child take those crucial first steps toward success.

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