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Looking for a 7 Plus Tutor in Watford?

Are you searching for a 7 plus tutor in Watford?

You found me – you’ve arrived in just the right place.

My 7 Plus sessions take place in a safe, friendly and fun environment that will leave your child excited to learn more with each passing week. And even better - I’m close to Watford! I tutor both online and in-person, so feel free to choose what suits you best. Online sessions exist to fit around your busy schedule.

If there is a particular school your child has in mind, then the right tutor can help them secure their space. Some schools have 10 or more applicants for every available position. In that case, you’ll not regret maximising your chances.

Every child is different. Some are more logical, some are more creative, others are a mixture of both. Bearing this in mind, it could mean your child needs more attention in some areas than other. After all, there is quite the list of topics in the 7 Plus curriculum:

These test a broad range of abilities. However, none of them should be totally new to your child given what their school will have covered in class until now. My job, as a tutor, is to ignite a passion for learning and further their knowledge across each of these subjects. These are the building blocks to 7 Plus success.

If you’re stressing, let me stop you right there – your child has all that they need to succeed, they just may need some refinement. I am able to break down each of these topics into simple concepts and give your child the direction they need to pass the 7 Plus with confidence.

Early choices in our child’s life have the potential to greatly shape their future. That is especially true when it comes to the 7 Plus process.

If you live near Watford and want the best possible shot at a place in your child’s preferred school, get in contact with me. I can help you out.

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DBS checked 7 Plus Tutor services in Watford

Watford want to find a 7 Plus tutor that can help their child succeed. But one thing is even more important to them; their child’s safety. I am DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked to give you complete confidence in your child’s wellbeing and security while they’re under my care and tutelage for the 7 plus exam.

Nothing is higher on my priorities list than the safety of your child. A tutor must be trustworthy. I am fully aware of this, which is why I have chosen to undergo the DBS process. It is the least I can do to assure you of what your child’s safety and wellbeing means to me.

If you’re looking for 7 Plus tutoring with integrity, and you live near Watford, look no further.

Tutoring could be the missing puzzle piece your child needs in order to pass the 7 Plus. You’ll never regret investing in your child’s education.

I can guarantee your child’s care at all times. With an up-to-date DBS check, I will always do everything in my power to prioritise your child’s care and wellbeing.

Do you want a reliable 7 Plus tutor near Watford with credibility? I’m here to help your child thrive in a safe and engaging way – get in touch for 7 Plus tutoring today at 7PlusTutor.co.uk.

7 plus tutor located close to Watford

If you live in Watford and are searching for a nearby 7 Plus tutor, your search ends here!

I provide top quality 7 Plus tutoring in the Greater London area, conveniently close to Watford. And if that’s not enough, I offer online classes, so you can ditch the commute entirely.

When you’re applying to schools in the London area, you want a 7 Plus tutor who knows what they’re talking about. Having someone fighting in your corner, who knows what format the exams follow, is a huge advantage.

That’s exactly what I can give and more.

I love breaking down some of the complex 7 Plus topics and watch as my pupils realise they are so much more straightforward than they first imagined. When your child builds a firm foundation of knowledge, applying it in the exam becomes easy.

The 7 Plus exam might seem a little stressful, especially since it’s the first real assessment in our child’s school career, but tutoring gives your child the confidence to take on the challenge. Session-by-session, their subject knowledge and exam technique will improve. You’ll notice improvements right from day one.

They’ll build their confidence, kiss goodbye to exam jitters, and gain a deeper understanding across the entire spectrum of 7 Plus topics.

If you’re a parent in Watford, then please know I can help. I will always do everything in my power to carry your child to their true potential. The 7 Plus test doesn’t have to be scary, get in contact with me – I’m only too happy to help.

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