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Does my child really need help with the 7 Plus process? Let’s look at Ronaldo and Messi

We could all use a little extra edge. Just because Ronaldo and Messi are two of the greatest footballers of all time, it doesn’t mean they can stop showing up to practice, and it doesn’t mean they should reject any guidance from their coaches. The 7 Plus process is no different, every child could benefit from a quality tutor.

And like a football coach, a 7 Plus tutor should motivate, instil confidence, and impart their knowledge to their pupils in a way that they can understand.

But while the footballer’s stage is the World Cup, your child’s stage is the 7 Plus exam. You want them to have everything they need to perform on the day. But where does all of that begin?

Deep knowledge of the 7 Plus curriculum. The difference between learning to understand and learning to just pass an exam, is adaptability. With my 7 Plus tutoring, I will always seek to help your child understand each 7 Plus topic on a deeper level, so that they can handle any question that’s thrown their way, even if it’s a curveball.

We’ve all seen a footballer score a winning penalty on the big stage, but we don’t always appreciate the hours of practice that leads up to that point. Tutoring for the 7 Plus process can give your child all the practice they need to perform on the day of the exam, and everything leading up to then.

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Help build your child’s 7 Plus knowledge

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your child’s 7 Plus knowledge is no different. Tutoring can be just the building block your child needs to ace the 7 Plus process.

But every building starts with a good foundation. I aim to help your child develop a deep understanding of the 7 Plus curriculum across the whole spectrum of topics; mathematics, English writing, reading, conversing, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. When the foundation is good, the building can weather any storm. When your child has a deep foundation of knowledge, they can handle any 7 Plus question that comes their way.

The building process takes time, and so does tutoring for the 7 Plus. That is why I recommend you begin tutoring at least 12 months before your child is due to sit their 7 Plus exam.

I offer classes online and in person, 7 days a week throughout the year. Usually a session is 2 hours long, and I recommend at least one session a week to reinforce what your child is learning.

If your child needs help with the 7 Plus process, or maybe they just need some extra practice, don’t hesitate. Let me take some of the burden and get in touch today.

How does tutoring help with the 7 Plus process?

If you’ve seen the movie ‘Shrek’, you’ll know that ogres have layers. Similar to our swamp-dwelling friend, there are several layers to what a 7 Plus tutor can help your child with.

Layer 1 – Targeted Learning

Very few people are masters in every area of human endeavour. The 7 Plus process has a broad spectrum of topics within its curriculum; mathematics, English writing, reading, conversing, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. A 7 Plus tutor can target where your child needs extra practice, and help them to shine in that area.

Layer 2 – Exam Technique

Time management, concise communication of knowledge, attention to detail, pattern recognition. These are some of the things that can separate good exam technique from the bad. I use past papers in my 7 Plus teaching process to give your child every advantage on exam day.

Layer 3 – Boosting confidence

As a tutor, I try to instil confidence in each of my pupils. Confidence reduces exam anxiety, enhances focus, improves decision-making, and helps children fall in love with the learning process. All of these combine to form part of the 7 Plus recipe for success.

There are many layers to tutoring – all of which can dramatically help your child in the 7 Plus process.

Education is so important and you want your child to get into their first choice of school. Why not give them the competitive edge they need by hiring a 7 Plus tutor?

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