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Preparation for the school entrance exam, also known as the 7 Plus exam, is a difficult process, not only for parents but also for young children, especially if the expectations are set too high. Since there are only a few openings in some of the most prestigious schools in and around London every year, it is also no secret that the 7 Plus is one of the most competitive school entrance exams.

However, if a child is not fully prepared (mentally and academically) to take the 7 Plus exam, their chances of being admitted to their first-choice school might not be that good. This article therefore serves as a guide to parents, to help them comprehend and navigate the entire 7 Plus process better.

Understanding what exactly the 7 Plus exam entails

A growing number of elite schools in and around London apply the 7 Plus exam in Year 2 as a highly competitive school entrance exam for admission to Year 3. The exam is often administered by fee-paying private schools between January and November of Year 2, however, specific dates may vary from one school to the next.

children in classroom

Image: Many elite schools apply the 7 Plus exam in Year 2 as a highly competitive school entrance exam for admission to Year 3, which is why the right preparation is very important.

Knowing what to expect from the admissions process, is quite important if you are considering an independent prep school for your child. When your child first enters elementary school, the idea of exam preparation may seem far off, however, if you are moving your child from a state primary school to an independent prep school at the start of Key Stage 2, their first formal exam might already be around the next corner.

Depending on the school, the 7 Plus admission exam will typically consist of both a written exam and an interview. The latter evaluates the student's self-assurance and interpersonal communication abilities while the assessment part evaluates a student's aptitude in mathematics, English, and reasoning.

How to properly prepare your child for the 7 Plus exam, without causing undue stress

There is no need to worry, and as a parent, you should never instil fear in your child, even though the 7 plus exam remains one of the most competitive exams in the UK. Your child can succeed with the right preparation the right amount of time and effort, and the right approach.

boy reading

Image: The 7 Plus exam typically evaluates a child's aptitude in mathematics, English, and reasoning.

In order to enhance your child's academic aptitude and make learning more fun, it is essential for parents to incorporate 7 plus practice papers and activities into the preparation process. However, due to busy work schedules, most parents are unable to attend to the learning needs of their children, which is why many parents engage a private tutor.

A competent and seasoned tutor, like myself, will always offer engaging activities and exercises designed to develop your child's abilities while making learning joyful. This can be presented either online or in one-on-one tutoring sessions. Although the type of questions and the length of the math and English 7 Plus exam papers may vary depending on the school, I have the expertise and experience from teaching my own kids and many others, to thoroughly prepare your child for the 7 Plus exam.

Educational activities and learning games are the best for sure, but what about safety?

If you are considering hiring a private tutor for your child, it is of utmost importance to ensure their safety, by confirming the tutor’s DBS status, which is short for Disclosure and Barring Service. This is a public agency that conducts DBS checks on people and includes determining if an individual is qualified and suitable to work with frail adults and children.

tutor preparing exam

Image: Providing a child with a safe, friendly DBS-checked environment is very important when considering a private tutor.

As a DBS-checked tutor, your child's safety is always guaranteed. My main concern is to support you and your child through the 7 Plus process and I will endeavour to develop your child's skills and strive for a successful 7 Plus exam result with a recommended two-hour session at least once a week. Additionally, I also provide assistance to parents in helping them find a suitable school for their children.

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