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More and more elite schools in and around London are selecting students for entry into Year 3 by using the 7 Plus entrance exam during Year 2. One of the main reasons for the 7 Plus exam, is because of limited placement available at top schools.

How competitive are the 7 Plus exams?

Since there are not enough open spots in top schools, the 7 Plus has become a highly competitive programme. For example, over 200 students showed up to a recent 7 Plus examination day in North London, competing for only 18 available positions. It is also believed that one well-known prep school in west London had tested pupils during the 7 Plus exam, on their seven- and eight-times tables – which is well exceeding the level expected for the age range.

When do the 7 Plus exams take place and what is the purpose thereof?

Although the exact dates of the 7 Plus exams may vary depending on the school, students typically take them between November and January of Year 2. The purpose of the 7 Plus exam is to evaluate the literacy and numeracy skills of Year 2 students. Verbal and non-verbal reasoning is sometimes also tested, so it is crucial that your child is well-prepared for the exam.

preparing a child for the difficult 7 plus exam

Image: Preparing a child for the difficult 7 Plus exam, is very important if you want them to succeed.

Extensive exams at this age are not usual, yet one must keep in mind they are still quite challenging for a child of around six years old. Also, the particular material can vary slightly from one school to another.

What does a 7 Plus interview mean?

The 7 Plus exam may occasionally contain a brief interview with the student as well (either conducted in a small group, or individually). Provided that the student is only around six years old, this ‘interview’ will likely be a friendly conversation. It is possible that the students will be asked why they chose the particular school, or they could be asked to bring their favourite book or toy to class, to talk about.

tutor preparing exam

Image: Some schools in and around London will conduct a brief interview with a student as part of the 7 Plus programme (either conducted in a small group or individually).

Students may also be required to participate in a group activity, such as playing a game or performing certain tasks. Through this, the school will be able to evaluate their interpersonal abilities and determine how the child interacts with others.

What can I as a parent do to better prepare my child for the 7 Plus exam?

You essentially have two choices if you want your child to perform well on the 7 Plus exam: either you personally prepare them with additional instruction at home, or you can enlist the services of a competent and experienced tutor. However, it is important to start by consulting your child’s current school first, regarding their level and performance. Schools typically assume that students will be at or above their age expectations.

What does the 7 Plus exam typically consist of?

The specific style or format of the 7 Plus exam may vary from one school to the next, and the skills-testing questions are often not covered by the national curriculum, and also not covered simply at a lower level, making these exams rather challenging for some children. While the mathematics portion of the 7 Plus exam examines children's numeracy and non-verbal reasoning abilities, the English portion of the 7 Plus exam assesses their verbal reasoning abilities.

tutor preparing exam

Image: Private, individualised tutoring could be your child’s best chance of success when approaching their 7 Plus exams during Year 2.

As a competent tutor who has also taught my own children and helped them perform remarkably well on the 7 Plus exam, I can also assist your children with developing the solid foundational abilities that will be evaluated during the 7 Plus tests. This is achieved through two-hour-long online or one-on-one sessions that include Mathematics activities and more. You can get in touch with me for further information on this.